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Our philosophy: "Pure. Building blocks for a better quality of life!"

Solidpharma improves your daily quality of life, purposefully, by offering high-quality supplements. At Solidpharma we continuously strive for improvement. Our food supplements are manufactured under strict Belgian legislation. Because this legislation is one of the strictest in Europe, the products are of a very high and constant quality level.

In close collaboration with pharmacist and doctor, Solidpharma guarantees you an excellent range of health products. A clear and recognizable PURE
range goes hand in hand with a correct price-quality ratio. The PURE range is only available in pharmacies.

Pure, building blocks for a better quality of life!

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Our vision

Offering science-backed and understandable products that meet the needs of various target groups.

Our mission

To be of real added value to people who take care of their bodies and to ensure an even better quality of life together.